30 Days to Faster Thinking: Day 8 – Phrase Finishing in a Flash

Welcome to Day 8 of our 30 Days To Faster Thinking, a free guide to help you unlock your potential to more nimble thinking and to strengthen your focus and attention for a better memory — in just a few minutes each day.  

Phrase Finishing in a Flash:

Dust off your long term memory with a fast-paced game of recall.

Try This Now: 

Set a timer to 1 minute, then see how many phrases from the list below you can answer. Ready? An apple a day keeps the ____________ away. Don’t let the cat out of the ___________. You have a mind like a steel ____________. A rolling stone gathers no ______________. All work and no play makes Jack ______________. Birds of a feather, _________________. Early to bed and early to bed, _____________. Experience is the best ________ ________. Great minds think ___________________. As snug as a bug in a ___________________. A bird in the hand, is worth ________________. Don’t put all your _________ in one basket. Every cloud has a _________. Good things come to those _________.

Boost It:

Ready for more? Try to recall your childhood: home phone number, kindergarten teacher’s name, school song, and your very first memory!