30 Days to Faster Thinking Day 9 – Flying 3,2,1’s

Welcome to Day 9 of our 30 Days To Faster Thinking, a free guide to help you unlock your potential to more nimble thinking and to strengthen your focus and attention for a better memory — in just a few minutes each day.  

Flying 3,2,1’s:

Testing our thinking against the clock is a great daily practice as evidence suggests that skills like these are best maintained when we flex them regularly. Today you will challenge your focus and processing speeds by counting backwards…FAST!

Try This Now: 

Start at the number 100 and count backwards to 0 as fast as you can! How long did it take? Next try the exercise with the alphabet, starting with the letter Z and reciting backwards to A … As fast as you can!

Boost It:

Want to make it harder still? Allternate your ABC’s and 123’s while counting backwards, like this: Z, 26, Y, 25, etc.