Activity: 5 Ways In Which Your Brain Is Amazing

5 Ways In Which Your Brain Is Amazing

Studies suggest that when we feel confident that our brains are healthy and our cognitive abilities are up to par, we’re better able to meet intellectual challenges, and more likely to engage in brain-boosting activities. Yet, it can be all too easy to take our brains for granted—at least until we find ourselves struggling to match a name to a face or remember an important date.

For this month’s group activity, try having the participants reflect on all the amazing things our human brains are capable of, from supporting our ability to speak our minds to allowing us to form and maintain relationships.

Have each person in the group come up with 5 ways in which they believe why their brain is amazing. To get you started, here are some examples that others have shared with us:

-My brain is amazing because I have wisdom to help me answer life’s tough questions.

-My brain is amazing because it lets me laugh at my own funny jokes.

-My brain is amazing because it lets me learn new things.

Bonus! Share your groups’ examples with us!  Email your participants answers to us and some photos to for a possible feature in an upcoming TBH newsletter or in our social media.



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