Brain News You Can Use | June 2018

Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye Recently:


Alzheimer’s Q&A: What happens to the brain with Alzheimer’s disease? | After death, molecular and cellular changes can be observed in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers are trying to determine which changes cause the disease and which changes are a result of the disease. (Source: The Advocate | Dana Territo).

Eating for Brain Health: What Women Need to Know about Diet and Alzheimer’s | Women have a greater probability of developing Alzheimer’s than men. Making certain diet changes could help keep the brain healthy. (Source: Today | Kristin Kirkpatrick).

How Does Your Brain Improvise? We Asked a Rapper, a Jazz Pianist, and a Comedy Duo to Find Out | How does a freestyle rapper rhyme without rehearsal? How does a jazz improviser shape an instant solo? How do improv comedians wing it under pressure? Creativity is one of our most mysterious and fascinating capabilities, and astonishing things happen inside the brains of improvisers as they perform. (Source: The Washington Post |  Sarah L. Kaufman, Jayne Orenstein, Sarah Hashemi, Elizabeth Hart, and Shelly Tan).

Inside the $28 Million Alzheimer’s Village Where People Can Shop, Farm, and Socialize Freely | A multimillion-dollar village designed as part of an experimental treatment for sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease has started construction in southwestern France. (Source: Newsweek | Damien Sharkov).

Study Finds Older Adults Spending More Time in Cognitive Good Health | A new study presented at the Population Association of America’s annual meeting found seniors can still maintain an overall sense of well-being even though cognitive challenges arise in a more compressed time frame in later life, reports the Washington Post. (Source: Info. Inc. | N.A.)

Visualizing Brain Health and Intelligence | I recently saw side-by-side brain scan images, one showing a normal healthy brain, and the other a brain changed by opioid dependency. (Source: Santa Maria Times | Ron Colone).